Vintage Steel

Thank you. I rise to congratulate a fantastic local business, Vintage Steel, founded by Michael Rock and Andrew Repton in Donnybrook in my electorate.

Vintage Steel is making fine-quality products and exporting them to customers around the world.

They specialise in making exact replicas of mudguards and fenders for veteran and vintage motorcycles, specifically bikes from 1900 to 1960—for instance, the J model Harleys and the 1930s Velocettes.

Michael and Andrew started Vintage Steel in 2016 and by the end of their first year they had made—handmade—100 mudguards.

Thirty-eight of those were exported. What an outstanding achievement for a fledgling small business in such a specialised field.

They are developing a worldwide reputation and are exporting to countries such as New Zealand, the United States, Bermuda, Finland and Norway.

Mark and Andrew are passionate and patient, and they are craftsmen.

They put extraordinary time and care into each piece they produce.

I have seen it myself. That is exactly what it takes to create classic items to the specifications that replicate the originals.

The men showed me exactly how they make their mudguards and fenders using a bender and a roller.

It starts with a flat sheet of metal.

For a small mudguard, there is a minimum of 50 passes through the rollers; for a large guard, it is 190 handheld passes through the rollers.

It is almost like massaging the steel to the required shape. It is precision work. They have over 120 valance templates.

Precision tools are required, and they do amazing work.

Like many sound small businesses, they support the local economy and the community, including local WA vintage motorcycle clubs, helping to preserve such an important part of motorcycle history.

Vintage Steel uses Australian BlueScope steel in their manufacturing process. Every item is handmade.

It is a small-business success story. They are now expanding the vehicle types they are manufacturing to include hot rods and vintage cars.

This is a wonderful example of the work that Michael Rock and Andrew Repton are doing.

I congratulate them for their courage, for having a go, for investing and for making such amazing quality products in Donnybrook.