Vale Don Vass

I want to acknowledge today the passing of Don Vass. Don Vass was the local vet in my community in Harvey. In all those years, we had a significant cohort of dairy farmers just like myself.
Don is survived by his wife, Jenny, and their children, Tim, Sue and Sarah. I would like to especially offer my condolences to his grandson, Harley.

Don was a legend in Harvey. He was a happy, positive vet, no matter how sick your animal was, what he was doing or what hour of the day or night it was. Don was always singing, happy and positive, no matter what he was dealing with. He was a wonderful asset as a vet, offering wonderful advice and support to us as farmers. There was one instance when, after what was known in those days as the agricultural bull, we had a cow that had a really serious problem. She’d dropped her uterus in the course of calving and so we had to ring Don Vass. I said to my husband that he was at the ball. My husband said, ‘He still has to come out here.’ He came, swinging his bucket in his overalls and whistling. He said to that cow, ‘This isn’t all it’s really cracked up to be, is it?’ He was a wonderful part of our community, and I offer my deepest sympathy to his family.