Supporting the Environment and Jobs in the South West

The Australian Government today announced $7.8 million in temporary funding to support oil recycling facilities affected by COVID-19.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Regional Development Michael McCormack said the existing scheme has been highly successful with approximately 300 million litres of waste oil being collected and re-processed annually under strict licensing conditions and environmental approvals.

“This money will support an industry severely affected by COVID-19, with 50 per cent of Australia’s waste oil refineries having shut-down and industry estimates showing at least 25 per cent of waste oil is at risk of not being collected.”

Federal Member for Forrest and Assistant Minister for Regional Development and Territories Nola Marino said today’s announcement has environmental and economic benefits.

“This package will ensure waste oil can continue to be properly collected, stored and refined which is good for our local environment as well as for jobs.”

“Every single job we support makes a huge difference in our local communities, especially as we work our way out of the pandemic.”

Australia’s oil recyclers, including Wren Oil in Picton, collect and recycle used oil from mechanics, car dealerships, processing plants, freight, service stations and heavy industry.

Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environmental Management, Trevor Evans said the Government’s oil product stewardship scheme supports 11 oil recycling facilities around Australia which employ 600 Australians and thousands of contractors.

“We will also bring forward a scheduled review of the scheme to ensure it remains viable and sustainable into the future, for the benefit of the industry and our environment.”