Staycations support local tourism

Nola and Dolphin Discovery Centre manager David Kerr inside the world’s only Dolphinarium.

A new campaign launched last week encourages Australians to discover the magnificent holiday experiences in their own backyard and across the country.

Federal Member for Forrest Nola Marino said the Staycation campaign was a response to the growing drop in international visitors.

“Tourism employs 6.5 per cent of workers in my electorate and it is important that we urgently increase the holiday spend of Australians in domestic markets,” Mrs Marino said.

“The Dolphin Discovery Centre is a premium holiday experience and just one example of a fantastic local attraction – how long has it been since you visited the Centre?” Mrs Marino said.

Mrs Marino met with Centre director David Kerr last week to learn about proposed developments and new attractions.

She took her family back with her on the weekend to show them some star attractions in their aquariums.

Mr Kerr said that recent developments at the Dolphin Discovery Centre have made a major difference to the visitor experience.

“People who have not been here for a while have been amazed by new experiences such as the world’s only Digital Dolphinarium,” Mr Kerr said.

“Along with our other displays, Eco Cruises, Swim Tours, Beach Interaction Zone, Research and Volunteer programs, the Dolphin Discovery Centre in Bunbury is one of Australia’s premier wild dolphin experiences and attracts visitors from all around the world.”

“Our development plans will take this to an even higher level over the next few years.”

Tourism drop

  • The record highs of the dollar has reduced Australia’s share of international tourism, whilst at the same time encouraging Australians to holiday abroad.
  • Last year, Australians spent 132 million nights abroad, pumping billions of dollars into overseas economies.  A decade ago Australia made a $3bn profit from tourism, nowadays we make a loss of around $8bn.

New campaign

  • Funded by the Shadow Minister for Tourism Bob Baldwin, this is the Coalition’s way of supporting the one million Australians employed in the tourism and hospitality sector.
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