South West Refuge Inc.

The South West Refuge provides critical support to women and families in my electorate. It is a not-for-profit that provides safe and secure accommodation, advocacy and support to women and
children escaping family and domestic violence. Alison White and her team are a very caring and compassionate group, who provide a wonderful service.

The refuge provides support to over 500 women and children each year, across the south-west region of WA. This support is provided through a range of services. Crisis accommodation is available to women and children escaping domestic and family violence. Many who arrive at the refuge have little in the way of personal belongings—incredibly distressing and traumatising times—with some of them very seriously physically hurt or without access to funds. The refuge provides them not only with accommodation, toiletries, food, clothing,
transport and medical attention but also, sometimes, with a new mobile device. The safety and wellbeing of these women and children remains paramount to the refuge.

The South West Refuge Safe at Home program provides confidential support for women and children experiencing domestic and family violence to stay in their home when it’s safe to do so, to modify the home and to make it safe and secure, providing protection from a perpetrator who may no longer reside at the property following a court order. Their outreach service assists with court support, safety planning and advocacy and provides referrals for specialist counselling. The refuge has fully serviced units, but they also have waiting lists.
We were able to support the refuge through various specialist programs and emergency relief funding grants from the previous government. They rely on generosity from business and community donors in what they do.

Equally, the escaping family and domestic violence payment has been critical for those women in the south-west and right around Australia escaping domestic violence. This is very important assistance for women who have no choice. Whether used for rental bonds, school fees or essential services, it can enable them to make that first move. So I commend the South West Refuge for their work, care and compassion at a time when women and children need it most. They do a fantastic job. I commend them for every hour of work they put into what they do.