Savings fund new road train assembly area in Bunbury

Today the Australian Government has approved $10.8 million to build a new road train assembly facility in Bunbury out of cost savings from the Bunbury Port Access Road and Outer Ring Road projects.

Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Jamie Briggs said this was a step in the right direction to open up the Perth-Bunbury heavy vehicle network for all 36.5 metre heavy vehicles.

“This project will construct a designated truck parking facility to be used for the assembly and breakdown of road trains,” Mr Briggs said.

“At present, these heavy vehicles can only travel on the Perth-Bunbury link to private distribution centres with the necessary facilities.

“The new road train assembly area will allow for formal consideration of the proposal to extend the network to all heavy vehicles along the length of the Perth to Bunbury route.

“This is another example of the Australian Government working with the states to drive down projects costs and build more for less more quickly,” he said.

Federal Member for Forrest Nola Marino said the new facility would include 20 road train assembly bays, parking, lighting and fencing, as well as a new intersection on Bunbury Port Access Road and a 200 metre access road.

“The new road train assembly area will maximise the returns on Federal Government investment by increasing the productivity of the freight network.

“Construction is expected to commence later this month. Following completion of the road train assembly area in mid-2014, it is expected that the Perth-Bunbury route will be open to all 36.5 metre heavy vehicles in a matter of months,” Ms Marino said.

The Australian Government has already spent up to $126.7 million to the Bunbury Port Access Road and Bunbury Outer Ring Road projects, with the Western Australian Government committing $31.7 million.