Plundered regions overlooked by Budget 2012

The treasurer’s ham-fisted attempts at wealth redistribution are a major blow to the future of the South West.

Our region is being punished for its success by a Government which is taxing our major businesses and residents to simply fund its election bribes and eastern states road and rail projects.

Of the $270 million in funding listed for regional development in the Budget, WA is completely excluded from specific projects list.

Federal Member for Forrest Nola Marino said Labor has no plan for the growth of regional Australia.

“The South West has been crying out for commitment to its Roads to Export plan for several years now but the government continues to ignore the economic potential of our region,” Mrs Marino said.

“Instead of investing in the future of our regions which are driving the growth of our great nation the Labor Government has imposed higher taxes to fund giveaways in the eastern states.

“There are no new infrastructure projects listed for WA and the levels of funding continue to plummet.”

The State’s share of the GST will fall from 55c for every dollar it contributes to a projected 29c in two years time.


$270m – total budgeted for regional development

$70 million for nationwide initiatives

$62m     – NSW

$56m     – ACT

$33m     – SA

$23m     – Tas

$17m     – Vic

$6m       – QLD

$3m       – Norfolk Island

$0           – WA

Record debt to fund false surplus

Budget 2012 will seek to increase Australia’s debt ceiling to a record $300 billion – four times higher than it was in 2008.

This will help them create a fake surplus and plunge the nation further into debt.

“The surplus has already been exposed as a sham because of several uncosted items and off budget spending such as the NBN,” Mrs Marino said.


Transport costs to rise

 The increases to heavy vehicle road user charges will have to be passed on to all businesses and residents of the South West.

The charge of 2.4cents per litre will add thousands to the bottom line of all trucking companies which will be made worse by increased registration fees.”

“The new cost will further burden the industry which we rely on for all of our goods,” Mrs Marino said.


Responsible budget management needed

The Coalition has a proven record of responsible budget management and running surpluses.

It has sensible plans to cut waste and rein in spending.

“The best way to deliver a resilient economy is to scrap the carbon tax and restore a reliable and strong government,” Mrs Marino said.