Panther Series II 360T

I want to congratulate Piacentini & Son—Kim in particular.

He has driven the design, manufacture and sale of the company’s Panther series II 360T low loader innovation for the mining industry.

I want to acknowledge the company’s 45 apprentices and their highly skilled workforce at their Picton site in my electorate.

This is a custom designed piece of equipment for the mining industry in Australia and around the world.

It’s very heavy duty. It was designed and fabricated in the South West by our local workforce, with great attention to detail.

It’s a 360-tonne low loader. It has a LeTourneau front-end loader with 2,350 horsepower on the front, and the first one is being exported overseas to work on a major mine site.

It is a very stable platform, quite high off the ground and capable of working in some of the toughest mining conditions. It also has a very sound rear axle rotation system, again designed and developed by Piacentini & Son.

It is modular in design and can be shipped anywhere. I’d encourage people to have a look at the video.

Congratulations to everyone at Piacentini & Son in my electorate.