Ongoing attacks on farmers and the regions

To paraphrase a famous line from a Hollywood movie – ‘and the hits just keep on coming!’

Well – that’s exactly what our farmers and those of us who live and work in regional WA are being hit with by the Labor government – the next hit after the next hit.

In our communities – particularly the smaller ones, we’re already seeing the effects of Labor’s appalling politically and ideologically-driven decision to shut down the live sheep export trade.

To add insult to injury, the latest Federal budget increased funding to Labor’s boondoggle, jobs for mates ‘Net Zero Economy Authority’ to $400 million, while at the same time only a paltry $64m is being allocated to the ‘transition process’ for sheep producers, livestock transporters and all the effected small businesses that Labor is forcing to transition out of the live sheep trade.

I note that the Labor Minister also made reference to coming after livestock transport next.

The budget also foreshadows the end of the Coalition Government’s Mobile Black Spot Programme. Again for those of us who have struggled and continue to struggle with telecommunications over the years, this programme has delivered and supported critical connectivity that is so badly needed in our regions.

Federal Labor also recently rammed through the Parliament increased taxes on new utes and family cars that we rely on in regional WA, especially the most popular makes and models.

At the same time, the Labor Government is giving a free ride to EV drivers.  The majority of us currently pay almost 50c a litre fuel tax while EV drivers pay absolutely nothing – no road user charges at all!  This funding is meant to maintain and develop our road networks – the very roads that regional and remote communities rely on.

Federal Labor has quietly sidelined their Nature Positive Act in the run to the next federal election.  This can only mean that the political risk is too great which of course means that the regions producing the agriculture and mining wealth that supports the nation will be worst affected.

Add this to the Government’s ‘renewables only’ energy policy that will need 28,000 km of new transmission lines, thousands of hectares of productive farmland for wind and solar as well as thousands of kilometres of offshore wind (around 7,000 square kilometres off Geographe Bay) – all of course in regional areas!

And the hits just keep on coming!

Farm Weekly, 30th May 2024