Nannup is a special town in the South West of Western Australia, officially gazetted in 1890.

Its name stems from a word in the Noongar people’s language, meaning ‘stopping place’.

Nannup was long known for its timber production and, still today, for agriculture.

It’s a quaint and picturesque town, voted by Qantas as one of the five best places in Australia to see autumn colour.

It’s soon to become the home of the world’s biggest wooden clock. Craftsman Kevin Bird has spent the better part of a decade building the clock, which is six metres high and three metres wide, weighing 1.5 tonnes.

The tower is expected to be completed by spring.

It will be located in the heart of Nannup, on Warren Road.

It will be another great drawcard to bring people to Nannup.

The tower will have an interpretive display and an audio tour for tourists.

Nannup has established a heritage trail, featuring over 50 sites, detailing the stories and history of old buildings and culture. This is a must-do when you visit the town.

Recently, through the Turnbull government, I secured CCTV cameras at the Nannup Recreation and Community Centre to increase the safety around the centre, and Nannup RSL received a grant which helped them to preserve their beautiful war memorial, right in the middle of town.

Nannup is a wonderful jewel in the South West, and its community volunteers are exceptional.