MP points finger at State on highway

The Federal Government has defended its decision to not allocate money for upgrades to Bussell Highway and instead pointed to the State Government for not making the project a priority.

Last month, the Federal Government announced $55 million of funding for several road projects across rural WA, but the long-rallied for dual-carriagewaying of Bussell Highway was not one of them.

Forrest MHR Nola Marino told the Times she had been “fighting to upgrade the Bussell Highway for many years”, but pointed to the State. “Unfortunately this project isn’t a priority of the State Government,” she said.

No firm commitment has been made by the current Labor State Government or the previous Liberal-National government, despite a petition of more than 4000 signatures gathered by resident Helga van Schoor being presented to Parliament this year.

Source: Busselton Dunsborough Times.