Marino will honour marriage vote

AUSTRALIANS returned an overwhelming ‘yes’ vote in the Marriage Postal Survey last week, with the residents in the division of Forrest having a higher ‘yes’ vote than State and national averages.

The Forrest Electoral Division recorded 63.8 per cent returning a ‘yes’ vote in the $122 million plebiscite, higher than the 61.6 per cent national average, and the State average of 63.7 per cent.

Forrest MHR Nola Marino has said she will respect the electorate’s voice when a bill is presented to Federal Parliament.

“I strongly supported a public vote on same-sex marriage, and this was the party’s position at the last election,” Mrs Marino said.

“I also said I will respect the result, and given that 63.8 per cent of people in Forrest voted yes, and the national result, I will be voting for same-sex marriage in Parliament.

“I understand the concerns about religious freedoms, but I will ensure they will also be protected.”

Source: Harvey-Waroona Reporter.