Marino secures better services for South West Veterans

Member for Forrest Nola Marino said South West veterans and their families will receive increased support services and income support payments, following new legislation.

The legislation follows a $31 million boost to mental health services, which was announced late last year.

Mrs Marino said the legislation was part of the Turnbull Government’s ongoing commitment to improve services for veterans.

“This is very good news for veterans and their families who play such an essential role in a veteran’s health and wellbeing with additional services to be provided under these new measures which include increased access to childcare assistance, home care and counselling,” Mrs Marino said.

“We’ve also established a new income support payment for veterans with mental health problems who are unable to work so they have a source of income. This will reduce the stress this places on both the veteran and their family in what can be a difficult time.

“Partners of veterans may also be eligible for the Veteran Payment and veterans with dependent children may be entitled to the maximum rate of Family Tax Benefit Part A without being subject to the Family Tax Benefit means test while they receive the Veteran Payment.”

From 1 May 2018 a new pilot program, the Coordinated Veteran Care mental health pilot will commence which aims to support to veterans in rural and regional areas with chronic mental health at the mild to chronic status combined with co-morbid health conditions.

“It’s essential Veterans have access to these services no matter where they live and this great initiative to ensure vital mental health services are delivered,” Mrs Marino said.

“Veterans who have suffered a catastrophic injury will also be supported with access to household and attendant care services based on their individual needs.”

Mrs Marino said the qualifying Service determination has also been simplified by automating the process which will remove the requirement for veterans to make an application for the determination.

Other measures include an entitlement to a Gold Card for Australian Defence Force members who served in Japan after the cessation of hostilities at the end of World War II and before the British Commonwealth Occupation Force commenced.

Mrs Marino said anyone who has served one day in the Australian Defence Force can have mental health treatment free for any mental health condition.