Marino encourages people to use Stay Smart Online

Member for Forrest Nola Marino is encouraging people to use the Stay Smart Online website promoting cyber safety.

Established in 2006, Stay Smart Online provides information on how people and small businesses can protect themselves from cyber security threats such as software vulnerabilities, online scams, malicious activities and other risky online behaviour.

Mrs Marino said the website provides a free online alert service with easy to understand safety and security information and solutions.

“Stay Smart Online Alerts informs users about the latest online threats and vulnerabilities in Australia,” Mrs Marino said.

“Cybercrime is estimated to cost Australians over $1 billion per year.

“Technology underpins day to day lives of Australians and small businesses.

“My Guide is brief resource advising people with good online security habits.”

The website’s Small Business Guide helps owners and managers to put in place some good online security practices.

Mrs Marino, a small business owner and herself, said Guide provides practical advice, essential for all small business owners.

“The Guide has five easy steps which provide the basics on how to protect the information entrusted to you by customers and suppliers,” Mrs Marino said.

Mrs Marino, a long-time cyber safety advocate, recommends visiting the Stay Smart Online website: