Libs achieved GST results: Marino

Forrest MHR Nola Marino has defended her fellow WA-based Federal MPs after the Nationals WA slammed their efforts in the ongoing GST distribution debate.

Mrs Marino told the Times her party had “achieved real results and more than has been achieved by any other group” in securing a better GST deal for WA.

“It is with the unwavering lobbying of the WA Federal Liberals to Cabinet that WA received a further $226 million in this Budget, in addition to the $499 million we secured in May ,2015 and $490 million in April, 2016,” she said.

The comments follow claims by Nationals WA leader Mia Davies that Federal Liberal MPs were failing the State.

Responding to last Tuesday’s Federal Budget, Ms Davies said the “pitiful” $226 million GST top-up for WA was a “mere drop in the ocean compared to the $23 billion tidal wave of cash the State had sent east in the past decade”.

It was expected to raise more than $7 billion over four years and was spruiked by the Nationals as a way to repair the State Budget, but met criticism from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. 

Mrs Marino said the Government wanted customers and taxpayers to get a “fairer deal” from the banks.

Source: Augusta Margaret River Times.