Investment To Improve Natural Disaster Resilience


The Federal member for Forrest Nola Marino today welcomed the announcement of funding from the Natural Disaster Resilience Program to help build the resilience of the South West to natural disasters.

Funding of $442,354 will be provided to the Shire of Nannup to outfit the Nannup Recreation Centre as the primary Welfare Centre for the shire.

This will include the installation and connection of a water tank and pump, generator and photovoltaic power generation system, additional phone lines and other requirements to meet the recommendations in the Bushfire Attack report.

In addition the CSIRO has received $340,000 to deliver an integrated assessment of flood and stormwater management strategies in Bunbury. Both coastal and catchment flooding will be analysed, and the effect of applying the solutions for relevant future climate scenarios will also be assessed.

This funding is part of more than $6 million the Commonwealth is providing to Western Australia through the National Partnership Agreement on Natural Disaster Resilience.  This funding encourages a partnership approach with the funding recipients, helping to build a culture of shared responsibility in the face of natural disasters.

“The South West is at high risk of natural disaster” Mrs Marino said. “The Shire of Nannup is over 80% state forest, and the risk of a major fire is never far from people’s minds.”

“Even with the best of intention and good management of fuel loads, another significant fire in Nannup is not a matter of if, but when.”

“This investment by Government is vital to the well-being and security of the people of the region, and will be equally important to visitors who might be in the area when fire strikes.