Investing In Our Youth

I commend the work of a very active and effective south-west community organisation Investing In Our Youth.

In 1999 the Telethon Kids Institute held a forum in the region on ways to assist and empower children and young people.

This led to a group of committed parents forming a committee with the core objective of promoting the healthy development of children and young children.

Investing In Our Youth became incorporated in 2002 and appointed their current CEO, Carmen Gregg, in 2006.

The organisation has grown since then, particularly in the last six years, and it now employs over 40 people.

It runs child and parent centres in both Carey Park and Collie.

They do work in youth mental health development and early interaction, intervention and resilience through various programs.

They target children up to the age of eight.

I know of their positive tickets program where police are encouraging mentors for young people.

There is also one which responds to deliberate self-harm. There has been a forum held in that regard.

Indigenous Australians and new migrant families in the south-west receive assistance from the organisation through the government’s Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters.

The program visits families in their own homes, empowering new parents about the fact that learning starts at home.

I thank Carmen Gregg and her team at Investing In Our Youth.