Forrest’s bridges upgraded

Two new bridge projects will be delivered in the South West following the announcement of successful projects under the Turnbull Government’s Bridges Renewal Program.

The Preston River Bridge and Causeway Road Bridge have received $1,815,000 and $1,250,000 respectively from the Liberal-led Government.

Mrs Marino has been working to ensure these bridges will be upgraded.

“It’s important to keep improving safety in the South West,” Mrs Marino said.

“The Preston River Bridge will be replaced by a two lane concrete bridge, expanding its life. The bridge upgrade will improve safety for emergency services, school buses, local commuters, heavy vehicles and tourists.

“The upgraded bridge on Causeway Road, which is the primary entry to Busselton from the highway, will duplicate the existing bridge, and alleviate congestion. It will offer a more efficient route to the CBD, foreshore, and eastern Busselton.”