Forrest MP Nola Marino praises Nauti Craft in parliament

Dunsborough company Nauti Craft were given a plug in federal parliament this week by Forrest MP Nola Marino who praised the organisation for its innovation.

Nauti Craft developed a patented marine suspension system which separates the vessel’s hulls from the deck and superstructure through a passive reactive interlinked hydraulic system.

The technology provides more ride comfort, control, stability and reduces body vibration by up to 75 per cent.

Nauti Craft managing director Ken Johnsen said their system was now receiving recognition within the marine and defense industries.

“It was pleasing to also receive recognition from our local member Nola Marino,” she said.

The technology was first developed seven years ago by Eagle Bay resident Chris Heyring who had created similar technology for cars.

Mr Johnsen said the technology was very successful and it was eventually sold to a US company and used by Toyota, Nissan and other car makers.

“Nauti Craft is an adaption of what was originally developed on cars for boats, around $9 million has been invested in the project.”

Mr Johnsen said three business located in Japan, Singapore and Dubai were currently planning, designing and building boats using the Nauti Craft technology.

“Our ultimate aim is to have boat makers use the technology, which we get royalties from when boats are sold.”

Recently Nauti Craft were the winner of the Civil SME Innovation Grant for its innovative approach to improving the ride, handling, comfort and safety of marine vessels, especially at high speeds and in high seas.

The award was presented by the Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne at the Maritime Australia Limited Industry Innovation Awards.

Mr Johnsen said they were now hoping to make inroads in the defense industry and leverage off the interest which has been shown giving soldiers safer and more comfortable boat trips.

Source: Busselton-Dunsborough Mail.