Forrest Electorate: Illicit Drugs

Last Thursday, 100 people from my electorate met at the Gelorup Community Centre to discuss the impact that methamphetamine, or ice, is having on our community.

The stories we heard that day gave those present a real and at times terrifying impression of the lives lived by those families who are impacted by this scourge, as well as the damage done to the person using ice. We heard from family members too frightened to be in their own homes with an ice addict, fearful for their personal safety. We heard of a 78-year-old woman having to live in a refuge as a result. We heard from those who suffered the financial burden of their family member’s addiction. We heard from recovered addicts, telling their story and giving their opinion on how to help others. And we heard from the community professionals, including Superintendent Peter Hatch, of the Western Australia Police, on the great job they are doing in this space—how they are doing their best to manage the issue, and how they themselves need assistance. We heard from young people, and I asked them what information they need to help them make better decisions.

I would like to thank all those who attended and the Minister for Justice for his support in getting this meeting together. I look forward to working on this issue and the issues raised—especially that of connecting families suffering from the impacts of ice addiction—into the