There are two key issues facing not only the people in my electorate but also the Australian public.

The first issue is water, and the importance of economically and environmentally sustainable land and water management.

Harvey Water, is a regionally owned and operated irrigation scheme run by farmers. It is acknowledged as a world leader in its field. Secondly, we need to focus on food production that is also economically and environmentally viable. It is critical for farmers and growers to have continued access to quality water and land.

Australian food has a hard-won international reputation as being clean and green. Furthermore, the production of food close to local and regional markets helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the Australian food supply.

We have some of the most efficient producers of food and fibre in the world, and I believe that our communities must be able to buy quality, fresh, locally and regionally produced home-grown food. Government must ensure that the policy environment progresses the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the agricultural sector.