Cowaramup world record hailed

I would like to congratulate the organisers and participants of last weekend’s Guinness World Record attempt in Cowaramup in my electorate of Forrest in the south-west of Western Australia to see how many people they could get dressed up as cows at any one location.

The previous record was held by the town of Fairfax in Virginia, USA, where 470 people dressed up as cows last year.

However, on Saturday, 12 July this was completely smashed at Cowaramup’s Deja Moo Country Fair where a total of 1,352 people dressed up in cow ‘onesies’ in a Cowaramup paddock to break the record.

The fair was held on the second anniversary of the installation of 32 fibreglass cow in the town’s main street to celebrate the history of the town, each one painted in the markings of actual local dairy cattle.

I am told that Cowaramup sold 600 competition-approved cow ‘onesies’ but people were allowed to bring their own costumes, so more than half must have already had them ready to go.

The costumes had to adhere to the rules, though, in that they had to be a white outfit with black spots and a hood, including ears and black or white shoes. I congratulate the event organiser, Jill Turton, and all those who participated.

It builds on the 2010 cow parade from Busselton to Augusta—the cows, decorated by artists, were then sold for charity for the amazing amount of over $360,000.