Constituency Statement: Defence Equipment – HMAS Bunbury III

I’m working to have one of the latest Arafura-class offshore patrol vessels named the HMAS Bunbury III and, for the first time, to have Bunbury designated as its ceremonial home port.
There’s a rich history of service for the Royal Navy from two previous ships bearing the name of HMAS Bunbury. HMAS Bunbury I was a Bathurst-class corvette minesweeper built in Australian shipyards in Queensland and launched in 1942. She was engaged in minesweeping and convoy escort duties. Bunbury I was decommissioned in 1961, with the ship’s bell given to the City of Bunbury, in my electorate. The date on it is 1943, and it sits in the Bunbury City Council chambers to this day. HMAS Bunbury II was commissioned in 1984. It was a Fremantle-class patrol boat engaged in border protection and maritime security operations. It supported special forces operations, disaster relief and humanitarian assistance. This ship was decommissioned in 2006.

So, in that great tradition of vessels named HMAS Bunbury, I’m calling for one of the new Arafura-class patrol vessels being built currently to be named the HMAS Bunbury III and—for the very first time—for Bunbury to be designated as its ceremonial home port, as it should. Bunbury is a very well-known and strategic port city, and the port of Bunbury has excellent facilities to accommodate the vessel during its visits. I can also see so many people in my communities around the whole of the south-west coming to visit the local HMAS Bunbury when
it’s in port. We can accommodate this vessel during its visits, and it will also foster a very special connection between the City of Bunbury, all of our people and the Australian Navy. I have an online petition, and I’m asking people to help. Let’s get this done. It’s really appropriate that HMAS Bunbury III actually have Bunbury, in the south-west of Western Australia, as its ceremonial home port. I also want to give a warm welcome to all of the Defence Force members who are in this House this week as part of the Defence Force program.