Constituency Statement – Cliff Reeve

Congratulations, Cliff Reeve, who is celebrating his 30th anniversary as a radio announcer with Southern Cross Austereo’s Triple M in the South West of WA. Thirty years with Triple M is an extraordinary achievement. He’s been in the industry for 47 years, on air in regional WA and interstate. At Triple M his programs have aired at various time slots, so he has experience with early starts and late nights. But right now locals know that ‘The Drive Home With Cliff’ is the only way to get home. As part of his show, Cliff has a segment called ‘Everything Southwest Local Legend’. Well, Cliff, I think it’s time that I interviewed you as a local legend. I’d be happy to do it, because there’s no doubt that there is only one Cliff Reeve. He’s larger than life—a real Aussie character—who’s added so much to the South West over his 30 years with Triple M. He’s got an unmistakable but unique voice and a personality to match.

Over his years on air, he’s entertained us with his choice of some of the very best music ever produced in the world, and he makes sure that we still get to hear some of this timeless music that we love. He also entertains us with his opinions—sometimes very strong opinions. But he has often motivated, encouraged and challenged his listeners to get involved in issues at all levels. He’s also a great supporter of local and regional projects, and it’s obvious every day that Cliff loves our South West. Equally, he’s put an extraordinary amount of time into lining up amazing guests for his South West listeners—people like Gene Simmons from Kiss, one of Cliff’s favourites; Kirk Douglas; Charlton Heston and William Shatner; and what was, I think, for Cliff, a very sensitive and challenging interview that he did with Walter Mikac, who lost his wife and two daughters in the Port Arthur massacre in 1996. In his spare time we see Cliff’s artistic talent through his WallsOfFame original digital artworks.

For Cliff Reed, there’s 30 years of dedicating his time and his commitment not only to Triple M but to all of us who’ve listened to him for so long and depend on him to bring us some of the best music and to bring us the liveliness that has gone with Cliff Reeve for all of those 30 years. What an amazing achievement 30 years with Triple M is. I know that he’s had wonderful support from Lynnee, his wife. Together, they’re a really special couple in our South West.

Cliff, 30 years is a long time. I’m very happy to do an interview with you being the local legend, because I think you are. I think you’ve brought so much to our South West, and I thank you. And I thank Triple M for making sure you’ve had that opportunity.