Concerned for future of aged care in the South West

The government’s aged-care funding package Living Longer, Living Better, which came into effect in July this year, represents a major threat to small local regional aged-care service providers.

Federal Member for Forrest Nola Marino last night raised in Parliament the concerns of aged care homes and their patients from her electorate.

“There will be fewer aged-care facilities in my community in the next few years because they receive much less for new patients,” Mrs Marino said.

“Many are already losing money on each and every bed, and any extra beds will just create even greater losses.

“This government is making it even harder for our elderly and their families by cutting support for the most needy and the most frail.”


How the changes will strip millions from the South West aged care sector:

  • A very frail, elderly Australian entering aged care in the current year now brings with them federal funding of around $56 to $63 a day less than a resident admitted last financial year.
  • A $56-a-day loss equates to $392 a week, or $20,440 a year per resident.
  • For a 40-bed unit, this would represent a loss of funding of close to half a million dollars by the year 2014-15.


In some cases where a resident’s level of treatment was reclassified from low to medium the payment actually dropped by $18 a day.

“It is really astounding that, as the need increased, the funding reduced,” Mrs Marino said.

“If we are judged on how well we treat our most vulnerable, in the case of Labor and its new funding model this is definitely a fail,” Mrs Marino said.

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