Collie Mail column

Collie River

The Collie River is widely regarded as the heart and soul of the town and has received growing attention as being under serious threat on a number of fronts.

Local resident and long time advocate for the river Ed Riley has provided a submission detailing his concerns about the health of the river to a Federal enquiry.

Declining water flows and rising salinity levels have compounded problems of weed infestation and pollution.

We are all aware that forests around Collie are under severe stress because of low rainfall and dewatering of the Collie Basin aquifer.

In the coming weeks, I will support a Federal proposal to give extra protection to groundwater and aquifers. 

This will establish an Independent expert Scientific Committee to commission and fund water resource assessments for priority regions and provide scientific advice to governments.  


Jump in boat arrivals

Boat arrivals are surging once again and putting pressure on border protection.

This past month has seen more than 1000 asylum seekers arrive by boat – the biggest numbers in over 10 years.

It has pushed the total number under Labor to more than 17,000 people with more than 10,000 arriving since the 2010 election.

People smugglers have cemented control over Australia’s borders and are earning $10,000 for each person they deliver to our shores.

Labor’s only answer is to blame everyone else for their failures. Australians deserves better than this.