Coalition will block unfair cuts to troops’ travel

Federal Member for Forrest Nola Marino has welcomed the Coalition’s moves to block Labor’s mean-spirited attack on single Australian Defence Force personnel aged 21 and over.

The 2012-13 Federal Budget stripped the annual flight home for about 22,000 troops to save $15 million from a $24 billion defence budget.

Several fathers of serving personnel have contacted Mrs Marino to express their anger and frustration with the Government’s decision.

“The troops will no longer be supported in getting home to their families at Christmas, or home to their kids for their birthdays,” Mrs Marino said.

“The parents who have contacted me say it is still an expensive proposition for many young ADF personnel to travel the length of the country to see their families or their children.”

When people in our defence personnel joined up they were given specific service conditions which have now been undermined by the Government.

“Labor has breached that condition.  This is an appalling way to treat our ADF members and their families” Mrs Marino said.

The Shadow Minister for Defence Science, Technology and Personnel, Stuart Robert MP this week introduced a disallowance motion in the House of Representatives to debate this issue.

“If the Labor Government can afford to spend close to $70m on Carbon Tax advertising, then they can certainly afford the $15m it costs to send our hard-working ADF members home to their families and children once a year,” Mrs Marino said.