Childhood Dementia Day

Childhood Dementia Day is 20 September. The campaign this year is called ‘FACE it’, with the goal of making childhood dementia impossible to ignore. Many people don’t realise that there are over 70 genetic disorders that can result in progressive brain damage that leads to childhood dementia. ‘FACE it’ is part of, which is shining a spotlight on this incredibly insidious and rotten disease.

It’s impossible to ignore that over 700,000 children and young people worldwide have childhood dementia. The average life expectancy is 28. However, 75 per cent of kids with dementia have a life expectancy of under 18 years of age. That makes the ‘FACE it’ campaign even more significant. Kids with dementia don’t have time on their side. They need a cure. That is why research and ongoing research is critical, along with campaigns like ‘FACE it’, to create greater awareness. It’s giving hope to families who are facing very uncertain and difficult times, with their heart and soul in helping their own children.

I will join the ‘FACE it’ campaign and upload my photo on 20 September, and I want to encourage others to do exactly the same.