Cheaper medicines for Forrest

The Member for Forrest Nola Marino has welcomed news of cheaper medicines available for residents across the South West, treating a range of ailments from cholesterol to high blood pressure.

From this month, the price of over 400 medications from common treatments through to expensive combination and patent-protected drugs on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, are dropping – saving consumers as much as

$20, or 60 per cent a script.

“With one-in-five Australians living with multiple chronic conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure or depression, this can save some patients as much as $500 per year.”

“These price reductions are the result of key elements from the Turnbull Government’s landmark Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme reform package, which passed the Senate last year.”

“We fought hard for this reform and it’s now paying off for consumers and also for taxpayers, with our government able to invest more than $3 billion in new medicines including break through cures for melanoma, breast cancer and Hepatitis C, <<Member/Senator>> said.

Among more common medications to drop in price: Amlodipine for high blood pressure and high cholesterol, up to $23.05 cheaper per script. Clopidogrel which is dispensed for some heart conditions up to $21.49 cheaper. And for treating glaucoma, Latanoprost will be to $10.99 per script cheaper.

Consumers will also see a direct reduction in the cost of over 60 common medicines priced below the general $38.80 co-payment as part of this round of price disclosure.

Further price reductions, of up to 50 per cent or more, will also occur in October 2016 when price calculations for thousands of common PBS medications reflect the cost of cheaper generic versions, rather than more expensive premium brands.

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