Busselton Dunsborough Times column

Benefits of mature age workers

From this month local employers can receive a financial incentive by giving a job to someone aged over 50 years.

Last month I attended a business forum in Parliament House which was about mature age participation and learnt of the many benefits for employers.

A study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics has reported that mature age workers are less likely to take days off due to illness or to care for others, and are less likely to experience work-related injuries than other workers.

There is evidence that workers aged over 55 are five times less likely to change jobs compared with workers aged 20–24.

This high level of employee loyalty can save employers almost $2000 per year.

Eligible businesses could now receive a $1000 Experience+ Jobs Bonus for every genuine opportunity they provided.

Mature age workers will be important for future economic growth, partly because we are an ageing population which have longer, healthier lives.

A copy of the report Investing in Experience is available for interested employers who contact my office.


Cyber safety in Busselton

Last month I gave my cyber safety presentation to several classes at a Busselton high school.

My presentation is based on what I learnt while a member of the Federal Communications and Cyber Safety Standing Committees. It identifies the online risks of cyber bullying, privacy and scams and gives practical advice on how to avoid or minimise harm.