Bunbury couple celebrate platinum wedding anniversary

Antonio and Michelina Castrilli’s love travelled around the world and now they have celebrated 70 years of marriage.

On December 4, the couple celebrated their platinum anniversary with what they love most; ‘family’.

The pair have known each other almost their whole lives as they grew up on neighbouring farms in Italy.

Mr Castilli said ‘it was meant to be’ as they decided they would marry at the ripe age of 14 and 15 years old.

Once married they had two children, John and Teresa before Mr Castrilli moved to Western Australia in 1952 to find a safer and better home for his family.

Mr Castrilli found a job on the railways in Bunbury and Mrs Castrilli brought herself and the children over in 1954 where they later had their youngest son Frank.

The family spoke no English when they arrived and lived in a shed where the now Big Swamp Parkland is.

“I remember walking to school through the swamp,” son John said.

Mr Castrilli said he worked on the railways for ten years before working at what is now V and V Walsh.

Mrs Castrilli said one of the things she loved about her husband was ‘he is a hard working man’.

The pair said Australia has treated them very well and there was no where else they would rather be.

Mr and Mrs Castrilli now have six grand children and eight great grandchildren who they see every week for dinner.

The Castrilli’s said the key to a long and successful marriage was to work in harmony together and keep the family strong.

“A family is like a like a hand, each finger represent a member of the family. They are all different shapes and sizes, but put them together and it works,” Mr Castrilli said.

Their son John said his siblings and himself felt so lucky to have parents that made a big decision to move to Australia, knowing it was what was best for their children.

Mr and Mrs Castrilli loved receiving a congratulations letter from the Queen, Prime Minister, Governer General and Forest MP Nola Marino.

Source: Bunbury Mail.