Brunswick Show

I want to congratulate the Brunswick Agricultural Society for another fabulous Brunswick Show. I thank the president, Julianne Hill; her committee; the army of volunteers who make this
happen; all the community groups that help out and benefit from this; and the actual beneficiaries, who are the broader community. Over 22,000 people attended this wonderful one-day show. This year the featured group was celebrating rural emergency services, the majority of whom are our wonderful volunteers in our communities. Last year the Clarabelle cow auction raised $120,000 for Solaris Cancer Care. This year, the beneficiary of that auction was the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

There was a spotlight on WA’s ag sector, which is fantastic. In WA that’s an $11 billion sector. We saw quality cattle shown, whether it was in the dairy section or in the beef section. There was a fantastic timber industry display, and, by gee, they’ve got some amazing gear that helps not only with the timber itself but also with managing bushfires. There was the fantastic meat marquee, and you really wanted to be in that space. Then we have log chops, fireworks, the displays—

Sitting suspended due to division.