90 Second Statement: Augusta and Districts Community Childcare

I rise to support the Augusta & Districts Community Childcare group. This is a wonderful group of local women who since 2019, led by Kylie Lucas and Jasmine Meagher, have been
working their hearts out to secure a childcare service and a facility to house it in Augusta. In 2021, the Shire of Augusta Margaret River voted to support upgrading the Augusta Rec Centre to provide the venue for child care in Augusta. However, recently the shire voted against this project. Given the Augusta-Margaret River Council is unwilling to use council funding to upgrade the Augusta rec centre, I call on the federal government to fund the next round of local roads and community infrastructure grants, and I call on the council to dedicate this funding to upgrade the Augusta rec centre for the families, the community and the businesses in Augusta.

The Augusta childcare group’s purpose is to provide a nurturing, enriching childcare service in our rural location, which increases the liveability and inclusivity of our community for the young, the old and the in-between. I can’t think of a better purpose for funding than for the Augusta childcare group that has worked so hard for so long. I support them in their endeavours.