$10 million funding boost for endometriosis research and awareness

Federal Member for Forrest Nola Marino has welcomed more support for women with endometriosis with new Federal funding to raise awareness of the disease and research to improve the treatment and understanding of this often misunderstood and crippling condition.

Endometriosis is a chronic menstrual health disorder that affects around 700,000 Australian women and girls.

Mrs Marino said endometriosis often causes debilitating pain and organ damage, and can lead to mental health complications, social and economic stress and infertility.
“Many have suffered in silence for far too long, enduring diagnostic delays of between seven and twelve years on average,” she said.
“Patients have historically experienced poor clinical care, due to a low level of understanding of the condition, both amongst the public and the medical community.”

$9 million in Government funding will be allocated for research that leads to non-invasive diagnostic testing, and a better understanding of the causes and underlying factors that lead to the development and progression of the disease.

This research will pave the way for prevention and the development of a possible cure.

In addition, the Robinson Research Institute, University of Adelaide, will receive $1.06 million to develop a digital health platform for endometriosis research and support.

The platform will host a ‘one-stop shop’ providing information and resources, a treatment tool that will refine effective treatments for endometriosis based on patient feedback and a vehicle for promoting and supporting collaborative research.

EndoActive will also receive $160,000 to disseminate its award winning Shared Perspectives endometriosis videos, free of charge, to medical professionals and women affected by endometriosis.

Shared Perspectives is a resource of 25 evidence-based videos that help health professionals and patients to better understand the condition and provide guidance regarding effective methods of management and treatment.

The Liberal National Government is committed to supporting women living with endometriosis and this latest announcement brings the total funding to close to $15 million.