Remembrance Day 2017

Member for Forrest Nola Marino has encouraged the local community to pause on Remembrance Day on November 11 and reflect on the Australians who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defence of our nation.

“Remembrance Day marks the signing of the Armistice that ended the First World War in 1918 and is now a day for Australians to observe one minute’s silence at 11 am in memory of those who have died or suffered in all wars and armed conflicts,” Mrs Marino said.

“More than 1.5 million Australians have served in defence of our nation and values in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping — sadly, more than 102,000 have died.

“On Remembrance Day we stop and think about the lives cut short by war and how that has affected families, friends and communities.

“We also reflect on the men and women who volunteer to join our defence force and are prepared to fight and die for our country and our values.

“I encourage everyone in the South West to observe a minute’s silence at 11am and to wear a red poppy to honour those who have served.”

Celebrant now free to marry

FOR years, Australind funeral celebrant Amanda Lovitt refused to apply for a marriage licence – not even to marry her own son – until all couples had an equal right to marry.

Yesterday a $122 million plebiscite revealed 61.6 per cent of Australians voted in favour of allowing same sex couples to marry.

The Forrest Electoral Division saw 78.9 per cent of residents participate in the survey, with 63.8 per cent returning a ‘yes’ vote compared to a 36.2 per cent ‘no’ vote.

Forrest’s percentage of ‘yes’ votes was higher than the national average and on par with the State’s average of 63.7 per cent.

Mrs Lovitt said since the result was announced, she had already researched whether she needed any additional qualifications to get her marriage licence.

“I am such a firm believer in marriage equality, I dug my heels in and said that until I could marry anybody, I wouldn’t marry anybody,” Mrs Lovitt said.

“I knocked back getting my licence to marry my son because of how strongly I felt.” Mrs Lovitt, who has been married to her husband for 32 years, said she felt “relieved, happy and justified” when she heard the news.

Forrest MHR Nola Marino said she would vote for same-sex marriage in parliament.

“I strongly supported a public vote on same-sex marriage and this was the party’s position at the last election,” she said.

“I said I will respect the result, and given that 63.8 per cent of people in Forrest voted yes, and the national result, I will be voting for same-sex marriage in parliament.

“I understand the concerns about religious freedoms, but I will ensure they will also be protected.” Bunbury city councillor and marriage equality rally organiser Joel McGuinness said he was “stoked with the result” and now after the months of debate it was time to “get on with it”.

Source: South Western Times.

Federal MP Nola Marino to vote in favour of same-sex marriage

Federal Member for Forrest Nola Marino has confirmed she will respect the result of the same-sex marriage survey and will vote according to her electorate’s wishes.

Mrs Marino said on Wednesday she strongly supported a public vote on same-sex marriage, and that is was her party’s position at the last election.

“I also said I would respect the result, and given that 63.8 per cent of people in Forrest voted yes, and the national result, I will be voting for same-sex marriage in Parliament,” she said.

“I understand the concerns about religious freedoms, but I will ensure they will also be protected.”

In Forrest, 80,897 electors returned a postal vote with 63.8 per cent (or 51,612 people) voting yes and 36.2 per cent (or 29,285 people) voting no.

In Western Australia 801,575 people – or 63.7 per cent of electors – voted yes.

Overall, 61.6 per cent of Australians who returned a ballot voted in favour of a change in the law to allow same-sex marriage.

There were 4.9 million Australians (or 38.4 per cent) who voted no.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said on Wednesday he wants legislation enacting the outcome of the survey, which he described as “unequivocal and overwhelming”, passed through parliament by Christmas.

“My commitment was to give every Australian their say – that has been done,” he said.

“They have said yes…It is our job to do that.”

Source: Bunbury Mail.

Bunbury continues to Choose Respect with new signage in the CBD

The visual presence of Choose Respect in our community continues to grow with the erection of a new sign in the CBD on the Grand Cinemas Complex.

Thanks to the support of Forrest MP Nola Marino and Smith Constructions who provided the installation, the sign is another tool to assist people to stop and think before they act.

Choose Respect is a long term project which aims to bring about cultural change by teaching and encouraging respectful behaviour within all areas of our community.

Choose Respect Bunbury patron John Castrilli said the more the community sees the signs, the more it reminds them to take a moment to consider their actions and the consequences.

“More and more we are seeing people reach out to embrace the simple Choose Respect message,” he said.

Mr Castrilli also encouraged everyone to attend the groups AGM on Monday, December 4 at 5pm at Carey Park Primary School.

“If we want to build a better community, develop our children’s resilience and foster a culture to turn the tide on alcohol and drug abuse and related anti-social behaviours, then we all have a responsibility to do something and be part of the change,” he said.

“There is too much at stake to do nothing.”

Choose Respect resources and information flyers can be collected from Nola Marino’s office during business hours, or for more information, phone Leanne on 0434 147 257.

Source: Bunbury Mail.

Nannup has a new mobile site

MOBILE coverage across the Margaret River and Nannup region has been boosted with two new sites being activated under the Mobile Black Spot Program.

Telstra area general manager Boyd Brown said sites at Rosa Glen and Nannup East were now delivering state of the art mobile coverage.

Mr Brown said the new sites were among 183 mobile coverage black spots across regional and rural WA benefitting from expanded 3G/4G mobile coverage.

“These are exciting times and a significant achievement for residents and businesses based around Margaret River and Nannup who have had their call for better mobile coverage answered,” he said.

“Expanding coverage across this region ensures locals can keep in contact with family and friends and run their businesses more effectively.” Mr Brown said each of the sites were equipped with a 4GX service which provides a faster mobile network with more consistent data speeds.

“The region is a major agricultural, commercial and tourist region and we’re proud to be part of this important initiative which is connecting so many more rural communities in this dynamic area.” The Mobile Black Spot Program is co-funded by the federal government and the state government’s regional telecommunications project.

Forrest MP Nola Marino said the the new towers would improve mobile reception in Margaret River and Nannup.

“This is great news for Margaret River and Nannup,” she said “These towers are two of 19 I’m building in the South West since the Turnbull Government was elected.”

Source: Busselton Dunsborough Mail.